Camden Park

Camden Park is a traditional amusement park nestled in the Appalachian foothills along the Ohio River west of Huntington, West Virginia. Established as a picnic grove in 1903 to encourage ridership on newly installed at the time streetcars, over the years Camden Park has grown to be the home to over 25 rides and attractions.
The Park is well known for the classic wooden roller coaster the Big Dipper and its sister the wood and steel Little Dipper coaster, the dark ride the Haunted House built in the ’40s and re-themed in the ’60s is one of the last original rides of its type designed by Pretzel Manufacturing. Camden Park’s Kiddie Land is home to nine rides for guests 4’ and under, including historic selections like the Hand Cars, Kiddie Boats, Kiddie Whip, Pony Carts, and the Carousel. Ride Selection also includes a Log Ride, family favorites like the Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl and new additions like the pendulum ride The Rattler and the spinning coaster The Slingshot.
The Park Midway is home to concessions, games, an Arcade, Gift Shop, Candy Shop, and Toy Shop. Attractions include the West Virginia Adventure Golf mini-golf course, Aunt Dovey’s Petting Farm and Swan Lake paddleboats.
Throughout the season Camden Park hosts a series of events: Holiday Celebrations on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day, During May the Park opens it’s gates for annual school trips a tradition for over 70 years in the tri-state, an annual Children’s Festival, the Hot Summer Nights Concert Series in July, the Wayne County Fair and end of season celebrations Halloween Spooktacular and Christmas at Camden Park.