Hot Worx

Welcome to HOTWORX Huntington, a premier 24-hour fitness facility designed for busy professional women who love yoga and pilates. We’re conveniently located to serve residents of Huntington, Proctorville, Chesapeake, and beyond.

Access to our infrared studios and exercise programs is available around the clock, allowing you to exercise on your own schedule. In addition to flexibility, our studio offers the unique benefit of infrared heat in every session. This advanced technology helps enhance your workout by increasing calorie burn, improving circulation, and promoting deeper muscle relaxation and recovery.

We are proud to be partners with Bridget's Dance Academy and Youth Golden Gloves, enriching our community connections. Our facility also includes red light therapy for additional health benefits.

Join us at HOTWORX Huntington and experience the transformative effects of infrared workouts. Whether early morning or late night, our doors are open, and the heat is on, ready to support your wellness journey.

Our HOTWORX workouts are unlike any other fitness program available - a local gym like no other!