Jewel City Seafood

Huntington West virginia is also known by it’s nickname “Jewel City” as this is the moniker used by river boat captains of the past when describing the city to passengers. Huntington’s nickname is Jewel City because at one time it was the western terminus of the C&O railroad and was rich in goods and natural resoures. When the conditions were right on the river the steamboats would load and unload goods from the local ports and tranfer the goods up and down the Ohio river valley.
At Jewel City Seafood all of our food is made to order. The fresh seafood is hand selected from our display case and either cut or portioned into serving size. It is prepared using one of our timeless cooking methods then partnered with your choice of our many delicious handmade sides. This process takes more time than what most other restaurants are willing to invest but we believe it is worth the extra effort. At Jewel City Seafood every meal we make is a reflection upon us and we want you to enjoy every delectable bite just as much as we enjoy cooking it for you. So relax, have some hushpuppies, your meal will be out soon.