5 Reasons to Book Your Next Meeting in Huntington, West Virginia

Business doesn’t have to be boring. Huntington, rich in history and boasting a thriving food scene, is redefining the rules on how business meetings should be conducted. Here are five reasons to choose Huntington for your next meeting.

1. Exceptional Facilities

Uncover endless possibilities with expansive conference spaces, offering modern technology and valuable amenities. Tailor accommodations to suit every facet of your event, all conveniently located in downtown Huntington.

2. Diverse Activities

Elevate your meeting agenda with unique activities — a living history museum, an antique district, art galleries and more. Huntington ensures your attendees actively participate in an engaging destination, strolling along lively downtown streets and exploring unique local businesses.

3. Culinary Scene

Indulge in a culinary journey with a vibrant scene offering diverse dining options. Let your attendees savor regional flavors and discover hidden gems, turning every meal into a memorable experience. With a bustling downtown, unwind after work with tapas-style meals and rooftop bars.

4. Events and Entertainment

From art events to live music, there’s always something happening in H-town. Provide your meeting attendees with opportunities to enjoy fun and creative experiences outside the corporate space. 

5. Outdoor Spaces

Escape to nature in state and local parks, offering scenic hiking trails and sprawling lakes. Foster team bonding with a ropes course adventure or downhill mountain biking trails. Huntington provides the perfect balance of work and play.

Gone are the days of stuffy and stale work meetings. From small gatherings to large conferences and conventions, let H-town redefine your corporate culture.

Ready to Elevate Your Meetings?

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